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International Martial Arts Association

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The International Martial Arts Association (IMAA) exists to serve and support martial artists in their development. We welcome all martial artists regardless of style, system or other affiliation. Here you may validate and receive individual membership, school memberships, rank certification, instructor credentials, Soke/Grandmaster certification and order merchandise.

Soke Dr. Gholamreza Gholami/Hanshi was born on December 1st, 1957. He started martial arts training at the age of 7.
He is the founder and the president of the International Martial Arts Association. In 2003, he founded Hanshi Ryu Karate Do & Goshin Karate styles of martial arts. He holds Ph.D in the martial arts, Ph.D in the Self-Defense Studies, Doctor of Philosophy in Asian Martial Arts, Doctor of Philosophy in Martial Science, Senior Professor  and Doctor of Budo.
Holder  Proffessorship Degree and Doctorate Diploma from WORLD ACADEMY OF MARTIAL ARTS PHILOSOPHY AND SCIENCE, (MALAYSIA)




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